Italian Forum 2017 – No Country for Young Men

Italian Forum 2017 21-23 March 2017 – LSE

No Country for Young Men?

The Intergenerational Divide in Italy

Over the last decades, governments, private sectors and entire societies, have had to face the increasing pressures of ageing populations. An example that epitomises this phenomenon is Italy, a country that in terms of age is second only to Japan. These new population dynamics increase pressure on labour markets, healthcare systems and pension schemes. In a forum spanning over three evenings, we will explore the effects of these trends on younger generations that witness record rates of unemployment, widespread emigration and above all unprecedented levels of disillusion towards the future. We will also address the challenges of reforming social welfare systems to make them more resilient to changing demographic landscapes.

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Forum Agenda
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Panel I – A scarred generation

Tuesday 21 March
6:30-8:30PM Long Room, 29 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
On the first evening the panel discussion will focus on the economic impact of these demographic trends: we will investigate how the scars from youth unemployment and brain drain affect present and future competitiveness of the Italian economy, and pose a risk to the stability of the welfare system in terms of pension schemes and healthcare expenditures.


Giorgio Di Gessa (LSE)
Andrea Garnero (OECD)
Tommaso Nannicini (Bocconi University)


Valentina Romei(Financial Times)

Panel II – Left behind

Wednesday 22 March
6:30-8:30PM LSE Parish Hall 1.02

On the second evening, we will explore the political implications of these demographic-induced economic transformations. Specifically, we will focus on the potential for intergenerational conflicts and issues of youth political engagement.


Andrea Brugora (Laboratorio delle Idee)
Claudia Chwalisz (Populus)
Antonio Roldan Mones (Ciudadanos)
Vincenzo Scarpetta (Open Europe)


Federico Gatti (TV London Correspondent)

Panel III – Making do with what we have?

Thursday 23 March
6:30-8:30PM LSE 32LIF LG.04

The final evening will be devoted to the possible ways out from this new demographic trap. First, we will touch upon the innovative approaches young Italians are developing to reinvent their own future, and that of the country. Then, we will also look at the role governmental policies could play in fostering these innovations, and shaping demographic outcomes more broadly.


Davide Dattoli (Talent Garden)
Stefano Firpo (Italian Ministry of Economic Development)
Jacopo Mele (Digital Life Coach)
Giulia Pastorella (CBI 35Under35)


Antonio Vanuzzo (Debtwire)